Who Owns What?

Electric co-op owned equipment vs member-owned equipment

Nodak Electric Cooperative is committed to the reliable delivery of power to our members.

When power interruption occurs, we work very hard to restore service as quickly and as safely as we can.

With so many different pieces of equipment that make up the electrical system, it can be hard to know what equipment belongs to (and is repaired by) Nodak and what portion is the member’s responsibility (see illustration on this page).

Nodak lineworkers maintain all 8,082 miles of line that make up the system, including your individual service all the way to the meter (and meter disconnect – if we installed it – below your meter).

Due to insurance, liability and safety reasons, lineworkers cannot work on anything past the meter or on any equipment mounted on a building.  Please contact a licensed electrician to help you with your electrical projects.

Members are responsible for equipment between the meter and home or business, including the overhead or underground service line that leads into the structure and the service panel (fuse box).  Please call a licensed electrician to make repairs.

Whether it’s Nodak’s line or member-owned line, please be aware when planting trees, shrubs, etc., of not only the overhead lines but also underground wires.

If you have questions on who owns what, please contact us at 800-732-4373.