Powered by Teamwork

The power you get from Nodak Electric Cooperative is so reliable that it can be easy to forget that there are dozens of men and women helping to make it happen. Who are these faces behind the kilowatts? We’re your neighbors, and it’s time we introduced you to some of the folks who keep Nodak running smoothly. To see why each department at Nodak is important to providing reliable, affordable energy, learn more here.

Blaine ThompsonCommercial Accounts Supervisor

Job: Works with account billing, ensuring that services for commercial and industrial members operate smoothly and that questions are answered in a timely manner
Year started at Nodak: 2017 Hometown: Bismarck, North Dakota
Favorite part about North Dakota: Getting to experience all four seasons and the outdoor activities that come with them
First job: Lawn mowing business
Hobbies/interests: Spending time outside and watching sports, including golf, hockey and football

Surprising fact: I’m a terrible swimmer
Biggest strength: Being a rational thinker and a problem solver
Most known for: Having a positive attitude
Guilty pleasure: Dairy Queen Blizzards
Favorite place to travel: Big Sky, Montana
Favorite sports team: UND hockey
Favorite app on your phone: Twitter

Brooke JohnsonMember Service Representative

Job: Interacts with members to resolve issues and to provide responses to inquiries about products and services in a timely and friendly manner
Year started at Nodak: 2015
Hometown: Edmore, ND
Favorite part about North Dakota: The “North Dakota nice” attitudes
First job: Cashier at Piccadilly Pizza
Hobbies/Interests: Board games, bingo and YouTube

Surprising fact: I have 14 Despicable Me Minions tattooed on my leg
Biggest strength: Customer service skills
Craziest food you’ve eaten: Kangaroo
Guilty pleasure: Netflix
Favorite quote/advice: “If not now, when?”
Favorite sports team: Philadelphia Eagles
Favorite app on your phone: Snapchat

Andrew PetersonPlant Accountant

Job: Assists with work orders, purchase orders, monthly financial statements and insurance claims in order to provide Nodak crews the equipment they need to ensure reliable power for Nodak members
Year started at Nodak: 2013
Hometown: Union Lake, MN
Favorite part about North Dakota: It’s close to my family and friends
First job: Cutting and trimming trees for a tree service

Hobbies/Interests: Weightlifting, biking, water skiing, wrestling and watching the Minnesota Vikings and Twins
Surprising fact:
I have a twin brother
Biggest strength: Creating intricate spreadsheets with complex formulas
Most known for: Being a picky eater
Guilty pleasure: Dairy Queen blizzards
Favorite place to travel: Jamaica
Preferred place to eat: Rhombus Guys
Favorite app on your phone: Calculator

Dan SchaeferLine Superintendent

Job: Manages the operations of the line department, ensuring that crews are safe and that Nodak members have affordable and reliable power
Year started at Nodak: 1983
Hometown: Reynolds, ND
Favorite part about North Dakota: It’s not overcrowded
First job: Picking rocks for a neighbor
Hobbies/Interests: Watching University of North Dakota hockey and football games, spending time at the lake with family

Surprising fact: I love to work out and have participated in the Tough Mudder challenge in Minneapolis
Biggest strength: I’m a do-it-yourself “fix it” person
Favorite quote/advice: Make every day count
Guilty pleasure: Widman’s chippers
Go-to music: Late ‘70s and early ‘80s classic rock
Favorite sports team: Minnesota Vikings
Favorite app on your phone: Fitbit

Mylo EinarsonPresident & CEO

Job: Manages all the working parts of Nodak in a manner that creates value for Nodak’s members
Year started at Nodak: 2011
Hometown: Grafton, ND
Favorite part about North Dakota: The beautiful sunsets
First job: Cleaning bowling balls at a bowling alley in 3rd grade
Hobbies/interests: Golf, grilling and traveling
Surprising fact: I have a third-degree black belt in Tae Kwan Do and I’m a certified self-defense instructor

Biggest strength: I’m an analytical thinker
Favorite quote/advice: My dad always said, “If you watch your pennies, the dollars will take care of themselves”
Guilty pleasure: Cashews
Craziest food you’ve eaten: Sea cucumber
Favorite place to travel: Europe
Go-to music: Anything from the ‘80s
Favorite sports team: University of North Dakota

The Nodak Neighborhood

Board Of Directors

Our board of directors is made up of and elected by our members. They are responsible for establishing policies and operational procedures that have our members’ best interests in mind.


Our leadership team makes sure that the policies and procedures set forth by the board of directors are executed properly and that the Nodak team is focused on maintaining high standards of service that members can count on.


Our engineering team is responsible for designing and analyzing the systems, equipment and facilities that provide power to our members, taking into consideration reliability, affordability and safety for all who are a part of our cooperative.

Line Superintendent

The line superintendent oversees all of the distribution crew, planning and coordinating amongst the various departments at Nodak to make sure that safe, affordable and reliable power is provided to our members.


The crew foreman is not only a lineman. They also oversee each linemen team in the various districts that Nodak serves. They’re a critical part of making sure that our members have power and that our crew is safe.


Despite being one of the cooperative’s most challenging jobs, these brave individuals are standing by 24 hours a day to venture out into hazardous weather conditions to make sure that members have the power they need.

Cable Locator

The cable locator utilizes maps, records, prints and special equipment to identify and mark underground utility lines to ensure that digging doesn’t result in injury or service distributions.


Our warehouseworker makes sure that our linemen crews have the products and equipment they need in order to build and maintain Nodak’s reliable overhead and underground systems.

Financing / Accounting

Our finance team provides accurate invoices and flexible payment options so that our members have access to affordable power.

Member / Energy Services

Our member/energy service team helps manage the process of setting up new services or changing services, so that everything goes smoothly for our members. In addition, this team helps connect members to the people and the answers they need in a timely and friendly manner.

Support Group (I.T.)

Our technology support team makes sure that our information and enterprise systems are performing at maximum levels, so that our members receive up-to-date communication and have access to a high-functioning online payment system.