Why Is My Power Out?

When there is an outage, we work hard to resume service as safely and quickly as possible. Many times, the reasons for outages are beyond our control. 

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Nation’s Electric Grid Could Face Winter Challenges

The increasing demand for electricity and the retirement of reliable power plants are contributing to an “unprecedented” risk of power shortages across the United States this winter, according to a report from the North American Electric Reliability Corporation (NERC).

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A Season For Giving

The holiday season is finally here. Some call it the most wonderful season of all. That’s because we associate it with family traditions and gathering with friends and loved ones. It’s a time of giving and spreading joy. 

But giving back reminds me of the many good things we have right here in our communities and why it’s so important to spread the good as far as we can, especially to the most vulnerable in our local area. I’m also reminded of how wonderful our communities are and what a big impact we can have when we work together.

Mylo Einarson
President & CEO

When you are a member of Nodak Electric Cooperative, you can help us spread the good throughout the year. Through our Operation Round Up® program, your donations help local families and individuals in need by providing financial assistance when they need it most. All you need to do is tell us you’d like to help and our volunteer Operation Round Up® board of directors will take care of the rest.

When you “round up” your monthly bill from Nodak Electric and donate those pennies to this fund, you’re making a big difference in someone’s life. You are helping to meet an immediate, critical need, but just as importantly, you are telling this person their community cares.  

Over the years, our community-focused programs have helped build projects, support local schools and young people, fed hungry families, and assist individuals in their time of need.

Nodak Electric also participates in the Electric Cooperative Youth Tour, where we take our community’s brightest young people to Washington, D.C., for a weeklong  immersion to experience democracy in action. Ultimately, the larger community benefits from these programs because of you and your neighbors. 

You’ve likely heard me say that the cooperative principle “Concern for Community” is part of Nodak Electric’s DNA. It defines who we are as an organization. When we first brought electricity to this area in 1940, the quality of life improved. But other things also need to be addressed and through the years, this co-op has been at the forefront of bringing improvements to the quality of life in our community. It’s why we created Operation Round Up®. 

To date, with approximately 52% of our members donating an average of $6 per year, we’ve given over $1.5 million back to local families and organizations through this program. And across the country, more than 350 electric co-ops have an Operation Round Up® program, and together, we’ve raised many millions for local communities. This shows that small donations from electric co-ops like ours, over time, can collectively make a big impact.

As a local cooperative, we have a stake in our communities. It’s why we support our veterans and local organizations like volunteer ambulance and fire departments. We hope you will think of Nodak Electric Cooperative as more than your energy provider, but also as a catalyst for good in our community. 

I hope all our members have a joyous holiday season. May it be merry and bright!

Click here to learn more about Operation Round Up®

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Winter Weather Can Bring Power Lines Down

You’ve just been in an accident involving a downed power line. Your first instinct might be to get out and run, but that could cost you your life. In most cases, the safest place to be is inside your vehicle.

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Don’t Fall Victim To Utility Scams

Every day, millions of Americans are targeted by scammers through phone calls, emails, text messages, online or in person. Scammers’ tactics can change daily, which is why it’s important to stay alert and cautious.

Take control of the situation, if targeted:

Take your time
Utility scammers try to create a sense of urgency so that you’ll act fast and hand over personal information, especially over the phone. Take a moment to think about the situation before acting.

Be suspicious
Scammers typically request immediate payments through prepaid debit cardsor third-party apps. Unusual requests like this should raise red flags. Remember, if the request seems strange and out of the ordinary, you’re likely being targeted by a scammer.

Confirm before you act
If you’re contacted by someone claiming to represent Nodak Electric Cooperative or any other utility but you’re unsure, just hang up the phone and call Nodak Electric at 800-732-4373 to verify the situation.

Report it
Contact Nodak Electric Cooperative with information about the scam so we can alert other members on Facebook, etc.

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Employee Updates

Matt Konze was promoted to construction crew foreman and Trent Edens transferred to the construction crew in Grand Forks.

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