What Is It?

SmartHub is an online solution to access your Nodak account via a computer or smart device (such as tablet or cellphone) anytime and anywhere.

What Can It Do For Me?

  • Make A Payment: Members can make payments on their account by credit card or e-check.
  • Track Your Energy Usage: SmartHub gives you the ability to view your electrical energy usage on a monthly, daily or hourly interval. You can compare electrical usage, charges and temperature differences of any two months, side-by-side, to note seasonal or behavioral changes in usage. By using energy markers, you can track your household energy use over dates where changes occurred, such as implementation of a programmable thermostat or when you have guests stay in your home. This is a great tool to help explain energy usage on your bill and assist you in making informed decisions about energy use.
  • Track Your Payment History: The payment history screen is a quick reference for viewing the amount paid, when it was paid, and by what method.
  • Look Up An Old Bill: Forget about keeping old billing statements. You can now view the actual bill images on your screen or print them if you wish.
  • Manage Your Notifications: Do you want to know when your bill is available to be paid, if Nodak received your payment, or if your bill is past due? These are just some of the notifications available to members/owners who want to be notified by email or text message.
  • Access A News Feed: Receive alerts and keep up with Nodak’s news and events.
  • View The Nodak Neighbor: By clicking on a link, you can view Nodak’s most current Nodak Neighbor or pick out a past issue to read.
  • Contact Nodak: Have a question or request? Send a message to us!

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How Do I Get Started?

For web access, click here to be transferred to a log-in screen or download the SmartHub mobile app (iOS, Android) from your preferred app store.

To sign in, members currently using E-Bill can log in to SmartHub using their existing online credentials. For those who don’t already have online access, registering is easy! All you need is an email address and have your Nodak account number handy.