Tree Trimming Underway

Nodak does vegetation management as one way of maintaining the electric system. This maintenance controls the cost of delivering safe and reliable electric service.

Tree trimming is very important to Nodak. To help with the process during the summer months, Nodak hires tree trimming contractors. This year, AW Power and Dakota Tree Service crews are contracted by the cooperative to remove trees and brush from the electric lines. Qualified line clearing workers perform all tree pruning and vegetation management work as supervisors and Nodak lineworkers maintain close contact with crews to ensure safety and adherence to proper vegetation maintenance procedures. This season, crews will be clearing trees in the areas of Adams, Cavalier and Hoople.

The work is expected to start mid-May and continue until freeze-up.

Safety first! Keep in mind, power lines broken by branches could remain electrified. By being proactive and removing limbs and trees from power lines, Nodak reduces these potential hazards. To ensure public safety, call Nodak at 800-732-4373 to report any trees that interfere with power lines.