Pole Top Rescue Training: Nodak Electric Puts Safety First With Annual Training

Nodak Electric pole top rescue training was held in June. Training was facilitated through the Minnesota Rural Electric Association (MREA).

Each year Nodak’s lineworkers, along with the GFAFB airmen, review what to do in the case of an emergency that involves a fellow crew member. At this time, lineworkers re-certify their climbing skills and practice different emergency scenarios. If a lineworker was to have an emergency while climbing a pole, the training would ensure another lineworker would be able to rescue them, lower individuals safely to the ground, and begin first aid. Using different rigging combinations lets the lineworkers practice for a variety of situations. Nodak always puts safety first, and by performing safety training, the cooperative is assuring that its employees are properly trained to handle any situation. 

Warehouse worker Joleen Landis participates in a bucket rescue.
MREA safety instructors provided lineworkers with one of the most important training exercises in the
electric utility industry – pole top rescue.