Outsmarting Scammers

It seems that with every email, text or voicemail we check that does not look familiar, we pause and think – I wonder if it’s a scam?

Scammers are evolving daily and coming up with new tricks to con the public. Nodak Electric warns members to take caution and be vigilant about scams. Recently, scammers have been contacting our members through phone calls – or also via text message, email or even in person – claiming to be a representative from Nodak Electric.

These scams tend to use aggressive and intimidating tactics. Knowing that electricity is a necessity, scammers will threaten to shut off members’ power, usually within the hour or that same day, unless they pay immediately in an untraceable form of payment such as a wire transfer or prepaid card. Well-organized scammers can even spoof or replicate the phone number that appears on your phone to make it look like it’s coming from Nodak Electric.

If you receive a phone call, email, text or visit from someone who threatens to shut off your power unless you provide immediate payment:

  • Hang up the phone.
  • If an email looks strange, don’t click on any links; delete it immediately.
  • If a text looks suspicious, don’t open it.
  • Never pay with prepaid debit or credit cards, gift cards, wire transfer or cash, as these are giveaways the person you’re speaking to is trying to scam you.
  • If someone is at the door requesting payment, members should ask for a photo ID and look for the Nodak Electric logo on clothing and on the vehicle. If something doesn’t seem right, call Nodak Electric and notify local authorities.
  • Contact Nodak to report the scam, and to verify you are current with your account. Use our SmartHub app or contact us at 800-732-4373. Do not use any contact information you received through a potentially fraudulent message.
  • Remember: Nodak Electric will not demand immediate payment in nontraditional payment methods.