Winter Weather Can Bring Power Lines Down
truck pole accident img

Did you know:

  • Downed power lines are extremely dangerous and even deadly?
  • The current could spread through the ground and anything touching the ground?
  • Stray voltage spreads like ripples on a pond?
  • If you step from one “ripple” (voltage) to another you could be electrocuted?
  • Downed lines could be hiding under standing water, ice or debris?

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Stay Where You Are

You’ve just been in an accident involving a downed power line. Your first instinct might be to get out and run, but that could cost you your life. In most cases, the safest place to be is inside your vehicle. Wait there until electric utility workers deenergize the power. If your car is on fire or you see smoke, escape as safely as possible by making a clean, solid jump out and hop away with both feet together as far away as you can. Warn others not to approach the scene.