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Small Changes Make A Big Difference!

Operation Round Up® is a program that rounds up members’ monthly electric bills to the next whole dollar amount. The resulting funds are put into a special account to assist others in need. The funds collected through Operation Round Up are used for a variety of projects, programs and items throughout the Nodak service area.

The Round Up board meets quarterly and considers each application that has been received since the previous meeting. It awards funds to the applicants based on how well the application fits the original funding guidelines: 1) Individuals or families in crisis; 2) Services – ambulance and fire; 3) Community youth needs with emphasis on permanent benefit; 4) Scholarships with emphasis on re-education of displaced agricultural people; 5) Senior needs with emphasis on permanent benefit; and 6) No requests for funding of utility and space heating energy will be accepted.

Operation Round Up is a voluntary program with roughly 60 percent of the 14,751 members participating. Since the program started, a total of $882,329 has been distributed to individuals  and organizations throughout the Nodak Electric service area.

2018 Recipients

  • Altru Ambulance Service $125.00
  • Aneta Ambulance Service $125.00
  • Binford Ambulance Service $125.00
  • Cooperstown Ambulance Service $125.00
  • Drayton Ambulance Service $125.00
  • Finley Ambulance Service $125.00
  • Fordville Ambulance Service $125.00
  • Hillsboro Ambulance Service $125.00
  • Hoople Ambulance Service $125.00
  • Hope Ambulance Service $125.00
  • Lake Region Ambulance Service $125.00
  • Lakota Ambulance Service $125.00
  • Larimore Ambulance Service $125.00
  • McVille Ambulance Service $125.00
  • Michigan Ambulance Service $125.00
  • Northwood Ambulance Service $125.00
  • Pembina County Ambulance Service $125.00
  • St. Ansgar Hospital Ambulance Service $125.00
  • Valley Ambulance & Rescue Squad $125.00
  • West Traill Ambulance Service $125.00
  • Joshua Amundson $1,500.00
  • Patty Clifton $1,250.00
  • Emiliano Contreras $1,250.00
  • Grace Hesse $425.00
  • Jaxon Hesse $400.00
  • Daniel Jallo $2,500.00
  • Robert Johnson $300.00
  • Francine McClendon $300.00
  • James Ottem $458.00
  • Charles Schwarz $1,250.00
  • Raenette Tewes $1,250.00
  • Vicki Tresenriter $1,250.00
  • Jeff Unterseher $1,250.00
  • Thomas Wetzel $1,250.00
  • Kassie Wilson $500.00
  • Cavalier HS After Prom Party $50.00
  • Central Valley HS After Prom Party $50.00
  • Dakota Prairie HS After Prom Party $50.00
  • Devils Lake HS After Prom Party $50.00
  • Drayton HS After Prom Party $50.00
  • Fordville-Lankin HS After Prom Party $50.00
  • Grafton HS After Prom Party $50.00
  • Grand Forks Central HS After Prom Party $50.00
  • Griggs County Central HS After Prom Party $50.00
  • Larimore HS After Prom Party $50.00
  • Midway HS After Prom Party $50.00
  • Minto HS After Prom Party $50.00
  • Park River HS After Prom Party $50.00
  • Red River HS After Prom Party $50.00
  • Thompson HS After Prom Party $50.00
  • Valley-Edinburg After Prom Party $50.00
  • Janet Bennet $500.00
  • Dennis Denault $1,000.00
  • Grace & Jaxon Hesse $1,500.00
  • William Morin $875.00
  • Tyler Nakonechney $1,895.00
  • Stephanie Nordstrom $500.00
  • Gloria Peterson $500.00
  • Gloria Seltvedt $1,000.00
  • Coleman Stadstad $2,500.00
  • Gary Woinarowicz $300.00
  • BreAnn Ziegelmann $917.00
  • Angela Zimmerman $882.00
  • Cooperstown Bible Camp $1,000.00
  • Grace Hesse $376.00
  • Matthew Houska $400.00
  • Anna Magnuson $800.00
  • Duane Marynik $1,500.00
  • Michael Mertens $2,000.00
  • Dick Olsen $1,400.00
  • Everly Peterson $2,500.00
  • Raenette Tewes $1,250.00
  • Gracie DeCoteau $535.00
  • Brooke Estvold $429.00
  • Deborah Heath $300.00
  • Grace Hesse $443.00
  • Jaxon Hesse $388.00
  • Kierra Hodny $250.00
  • Roger & Julie Jackson $2,450.00
  • Jose Patlan, Jr $150.00
  • Luke Riley $1,000.00
  • Charles Schwarz $1,000.00
  • Gloria Seltvedt $1,000.00
  • Allan Stokka $2,500.00
  • Chad Tetrault 1,500.00
  • Emmalynn Tomlinson $300.00
  • Jeff Unterseher $1,000.00
  • Veterans Honor Flight of ND/MN $1,000.00

Total $56,273.00

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Treasurer’s Report

As treasurer of Nodak Electric Cooperative, thank you for your patronage this past year and thank you for the opportunity to present the 2018 financial statements of the cooperative.

Approximately 56 percent of our revenue is related to commercial accounts that are not entirely affected by seasonal variances in climate, which gives us revenue stability as compared to other cooperatives in our region. Those commercial accounts added $2 million worth of revenue in 2018 as compared to 2017. Additionally, the other 44 percent of our revenue comes from the general service members who are affected by extreme cold in the winters and the heat of the summers. As a result of those seasonal climate changes, those accounts, along with 463 newly metered accounts, added $1.6 million to the revenue roles in 2018, for a total revenue value of $106.7 million. Total expenses for 2018 measured $104.3 million compared to $100.8 million 2017, with $2.9 million coming from power costs due to increased kilowatt-hour sales volume.

Margins for 2018 were valued at $3,131,575, which was within $133,000 of the 2017 level. Even though the weather may throw our projections off in any given year, we budget for margins in the $3 to $3.5 million mark each year, and we have been consistent in reaching those levels.

As member-owners of the cooperative, you are welcome to a more detailed explanation of the finances of Nodak Electric if so desired. Please feel free to contact our office for additional information and assistance.

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Aim High

Utility Privatization of Grand Forks Air Force Base and Cavalier Air Force Station

Nodak Electric Cooperative has done its best to make sure the Air Force lives up to that motto by providing safe, reliable and economical energy to the military branch for many years. Through a Utilities Privatization (UP) agreement signed in 2018, the partnership will continue for at least 50 years.

A member of Nodak Electric, the Air Force has purchased electricity from the cooperative for numerous military needs including missile, surveillance, fighter, bomber, air-tanker and drone missions. In 2018, that relationship changed when the UP Project Management Office at the Air Force Civil Engineer Center privatized utilities at the Grand Forks Air Force Base and the Cavalier Air Force Station.

UP began more than 20 years ago in response to the Defense Reform Initiative Directive 49 – mandating all military branches to develop plans to privatize utilities on military bases, such as electrical power, natural gas, water and wastewater treatment. UP establishes a partnership and direct investment for both the Air Force and Nodak because systems are privatized where fiscally attractive and operationally sound.

Nodak is the Grand Forks and Cavalier bases’ UP contractor for electrical power distribution infrastructure only. Nodak’s 50-year utility services contract becomes a “must-pay bill,” meaning funds will always be used for utility system maintenance, operation, renewals and replacements.

Cited benefits include:

  • Air Force funds industry standard upgrades to installation utility systems, in coordination with the contractor’s accepted schedule;
  • Air Force can focus resources on the core mission;
  • Base mission is not impacted during utility system transfer;
  • Military civil engineers still receive training on privatized systems when training is included in the utility services contract;
  • Readiness of installation personnel is not negatively impacted;
  • It provides long-term operational stability.

The process of UP began approximately six years ago, when the Air Force solicited contracting partners to privatize utilities on its military installations. Nodak submitted a Request for Proposal on Oct. 8, 2012. It consisted of four main parts:

  • An introduction of who Nodak is as a power supplier;
  • Nodak’s past performance based on information provided by existing commercial/industrial members;
  • Nodak’s steps on providing superior service;
  • Method of determining inventory costs.

On Dec. 1, 2018, Nodak Electric Cooperative became the owner, operator and maintainer of the electric utility infrastructure at the Grand Forks Air Force Base, located 14 miles west of the city of Grand Forks and the Cavalier Air Force Station, located 15 miles south of the U.S.-Canadian border.

During the negotiation phase, discussion centered on addressing initial system deficiencies, operating and maintenance cost adjustments, identification of special equipment needed, installation access to equipment and specific training requirements.

Nodak was awarded and signed the privatization contract in June 2018 with the Defense Logistics Agency (DLA) and began a 150-day transition period to true-up actual physical inventory of distribution assets at both installations, order necessary equipment and materials, determine the number of credentialed workers needed, develop a training plan for air base personnel, find a suitable temporary service center building and procure any special equipment.

Nodak will continue to “Aim High” while providing services to the Air Force.

Photo courtesy of Grand Forks Air Force Base.

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