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Is Your Off-Peak Heating System Ready For Winter

It’s hard to believe winter is right around the corner. Since weather conditions and future wholesale power market prices make the amount of load control hours hard to predict, all of our off-peak members are encouraged to have a reliable, automatic dual heating system in place and ready to use.

To ensure your total comfort this winter, consider the following questions about your backup heating system:

  1. Is the system sized to heat your entire home or business?
  2. Does it maintain an adequate comfort level?
  3. Is it reliable?
  4. Is it fully automatic?

Check current fuel prices and be sure to fill your propane or fuel oil tank at the beginning of the season. Also, make sure your tank is large enough to hold an adequate supply. Remember, prices typically rise as demand increases during the heating season.

Our member services department is glad to answer any off-peak questions you may have. A loan program is also available to assist you in replacing your old, inadequate off-peak heating system.

If you have any questions regarding off-peak or your electric heating system, please call our Energy Service Department.

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Act Early – Visually Inspect Around Your Transformer

Fall is in the air and outdoor critters are looking for a place to nest for the upcoming winter. Unfortunately, the inside of a transformer makes a great spot – especially if it is already damaged by a lawn care mistake.

Pad-mounted transformers take the place of utility poles and feed underground electrical services to our businesses and homes. They enclose energized electrical conductors and can be hazardous when damaged. As many transformers are located in residential areas, they may be part of the landscaping or areas we mow, making them susceptible to contact with mowers or tractors.

Any damage to the pad mount of a transformer can leave just enough room for critters like squirrels, mice, rats, gophers, snakes and even fire ants to move in and cause real damage to the inside. Their nesting materials can cause short circuits by eating away at conductor insulation or packing the transformer full of dirt or debris, both of which make equipment maintenance a challenge.

To prevent interruption in your power, please let us know if you see damage to the equipment in your yard so our crews can make the necessary repairs.

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