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Program Offers Heating Assistance

The Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP) helps eligible low-income families with home heating costs.

What the program covers

The Low-Income Home Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP) has been established to help qualifying low-income homeowners and renters pay for a portion of their primary heating costs for the winter heating season Oct. 1, 2020, through May 31, 2021.

The assistance is based on household income, household size, type of housing and type of fuel: natural gas, electricity, propane, fuel oil, coal, wood or other fuel sources.

The program also covers:

  • Weatherization services (insulation, weatherstripping around doors and windows, etc.)
  • Furnace cleaning, repair and replacement
  • Chimney cleaning and inspection
  • Emergency assistance

Who qualifies

Eligibility is based on a household’s income to ensure help goes to those most in need. Both homeowner and renter households are eligible for the program. Individual tribal LIHEAP programs serve tribal members living on reservations in the state.

How to apply

Contact your local human service zone office (formerly called county social services). Go to

To find more information on LIHEAP or to request an application, go to

Ask your county worker about other financial opportunities.

Applications will be accepted until May 31, 2021.

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Operation Round Up Changes Lives

Operation Round Up® is a program that rounds up members’ monthly electric bills to the next whole dollar amount. The resulting funds are put into a special account to assist others in need. The funds collected through Operation Round Up are used for a variety of projects, programs and items throughout the Nodak service area. The Round Up board meets quarterly and considers each application that has been received since the previous meeting. It awards funds to the applicants based on how well the application fits the original funding guidelines: 1) Individuals or families in crisis; 2) Services – ambulance and fire; 3) Community youth needs with emphasis on permanent benefit; 4) Scholarships with emphasis on reeducation of displaced agricultural people; 5) Senior needs with emphasis on permanent benefit; and 6) No requests for funding of utility and space heating energy will be accepted.

Operation Round Up is a voluntary program with roughly 60% of the 14,961 members participating. Since the program started, a total of $985,446 has been distributed to individuals and organizations throughout the Nodak Electric service area.

2020 Recipient Summary of Operation Round Up

  • Briton Coppdege – funds will assist with the purchase of medical equipment.
  • Michael Dorsher – funds will assist with the purchase of a hospital-type bed.
  • Fayme Stringer Henry – funds will help create a community garden and orchard space where people can come together from all walks of life to socialize, garden and learn self-sufficiency skills.
  • Alverna LaPorte – funds will help offset the cost of handicap renovations to her home.
  • Pembina County Backpack program – funds will help supply hungry youths with easy-to-prepare meals and snacks for the weekend. The program is solely funded on monetary donations.
  • Alzheimer’s Association Minnesota-North Dakota – funds will help the program offer information/resources and gain community engagement and insight to address the needs of local community members who have Alzheimer’s or dementia.
  • Collin LaVallie – funds will assist with the cost of a handicap lift for his family vehicle.
  • Clara Beaton – funds will assist with the cost of an interactive whiteboard to help Clara interact virtually and participate in classroom group activities.
  • Farm Rescue – funds will support the Farm Rescue mission of helping family farms and ranches continue to operate after experiencing major injury, illness or natural disaster.
  • Kennedy Thorsgard – funds will assist with the cost of physical therapy sessions.
  • Valley Senior Living Foundation – funds will help purchase an Eversound group listening system.
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Syncing The Signals

Minnkota, your cooperative’s wholesale power supplier, works to enhance demand response system

There was a lot of buzz in 2020 around Minnkota Power Cooperative’s ripple injection system – the set of equipment that drives the demand response/off-peak program that Nodak Electric is a part of. Two ripple injectors were replaced with new equipment, custom communication technologies were deployed and a full 17-injector system sync was performed for the first time.

Ripple injectors send tens of thousands of electronic signals throughout the entire transmission system and into the distribution system. Receivers in homes and businesses can read the signals, and when the appropriate message is sent, the receivers interrupt the power flowing to an electric heating system, water heater or other controllable load. When control is no longer needed, a signal is sent to turn the electric system back on.

All injectors need to work together and fire at the same time to ensure the signal reaches across the entire 35,000-square-mile system. The process of tuning and syncing the injectors is a combination of art and science.

“Tuning an injector is like tightening the strings of a musical instrument to make sure it vibrates at a certain frequency,” said Nick Gellerman, Minnkota’s lead engineer on the project. “Syncing all the injectors together is like coordinating an orchestra.”

Since Minnkota’s ripple injection system was built in the 1970s, the program has become one of the most successful in the country with more than 55,000 consumers participating, including 5,568 Nodak member accounts. By reducing the demand for electricity during peak usage times, Minnkota and Nodak are able to avoid purchasing costly excess power from the wholesale market, saving money for the membership.

Minnkota has installed two-way ripple monitoring devices at 50 substation sites and, over the next few years, plans to have the devices at nearly all 255 substations. Having this consistent data from the field will help ensure the system is performing reliably. Over the last five years, Minnkota has replaced 10 of the 17 injectors with new equipment. Plans are to have all injectors replaced by the end of 2024.

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