What Can You Do

From the gas pump to the supermarket to the electric meter, costs are going up across the board. These are difficult times for members and we’re here to help you manage your energy usage and bill. Call Nodak at (800) 732-4373 or email nodak@nodakelectric.com to inquire about:

Smart Hub
Access your Nodak account anytime, anywhere to make a payment and view daily energy usage.

Budget Billing
Pay a fixed amount each month based on your annual usage.

Financial Assistance
Take advantage of state & local programs: nodakelectric.com/payment-assistance

Off-Peak Electric Heating
Nodak Electric offers off-peak energy at discounted rates: nodakelectric.com/off-peak-electric-heat

Energy Savings
Nodak Electric offers help and incentives to save energy: nodakelectric.com/energy-saving-tips