Trimmed Trees Are Safe Trees

One of the biggest problems that occurs during thunderstorms, ice storms or whenever the high winds of North Dakota blow through Nodak’s service territory, are power outages caused by trees falling onto power lines and causing electric service to drop. Preventative maintenance by regular trimming of trees and brush along power lines helps cut down on the number of outages, as well as annoying blinks.

Our crews are constantly patrolling line and reporting problem areas where trimming/removal needs to be done. When we get a call from members regarding a tree in or close to the line, a crew member will investigate and determine what needs to be done. Removing trees is a last resort, but occasionally needs to be done to ensure the safety of the homeowner and the integrity of the line. If you have any questions regarding the proximity of a tree to a power line, please call and we will work together to determine the next action needed.

Yes, clearing trees can be inconvenient for our members, but to avoid future outages and keep members safe, Nodak focuses on clearing tree growth near power lines. Members are responsible for making sure trees aren’t growing into the line that comes from our meter to your house or out buildings.

All of Nodak’s efforts to clear trees around our power lines are rooted in safety. We encourage our members to be mindful of safety for our crews, as well as the permission to clear trees from lines to help provide safe, reliable, and affordable power. Remember that having properly maintained right-of-way corridors helps reduce or eliminate power outages.