Three director positions open

Nodak District MapNominating committee members appointed
The board of directors has appointed the committee on nominations. At its meeting scheduled for 10 a.m. Thursday, Feb. 16, 2017, at the Nodak headquarters building, 4000 32nd Ave. S., Grand Forks, the committee shall prepare and post a list of nominations for the director positions slated for election.

Committee members are: Richard English, Grafton, 701-352-3266; Daniel Flanagan, Edinburg, 701-993-8544; Jason Hanson, Webster, 701-395-4317; Richard Hanson, Grand Forks, 701-739-0950; Lawrence Kadlec, Pisek, 701-284-6289; Neal Klamm, Thompson, 701-559-2198; Julie Lemm, Hillsboro, 701-636-5465; Glenn Rethemeier, Larimore, 218-779-3222; and Paul Retzlaff, Aneta, 701-326-4235.

Three director positions open
Three director positions will be open at the annual meeting on April 6, 2017. The directors whose terms expire in 2017 are:

  • District 1 – Open
  • District 2 – Pete Naastad
  • District 3 – Steve Smaaladen

Nomination by committee
If you are interested in being nominated or would like to nominate an individual, you may contact a committee on nominations member.

Nomination by petition
Nominations may also be made by petition signed by at least 15 cooperative members. The signed petition must be received at Nodak’s headquarters by Monday, Feb. 20, to verify nominee qualifications and allow sufficient time for voting by mail.