Operation Round Up®

Operation Round Up is a program that rounds up members’ monthly electric bills to the next whole dollar amount. The resulting funds are put into a special account to assist others in need. The funds collected through Operation Round Up are used for a variety of projects, programs and items throughout the Nodak service area.

Pictured (left to right): Danny Carlson, Pam Montag, Corrine Berg, Margaret Estvold, Trish Schindele, Maureen Puppe and Wayne Reinhart.

The Operation Round board meets quarterly and considers each application that has been received since the previous meeting. It awards funds to the applicants based on how well the application fits the original funding guidelines: 1) Individuals or families in crisis; 2) Services – ambulance and fire; 3) Community youth needs with emphasis on permanent benefit; 4) Scholarships with emphasis on reeducation of displaced agricultural people; 5) Senior needs with emphasis on permanent benefit; and 6) No requests for funding of utility and space heating energy will be accepted.

Operation Round Up is a voluntary program with roughly 51% of the15,189 members participating. Since the program started, a total of $1,120,941 has been distributed to individuals  and organizations throughout the Nodak Electric service area.

2023 Recipients

Ajay Solberg (Medical Equipment) $789.00

Alice Copeland (Indoor Trampoline) $99.78

Anthony Solberg (Medical Equipment) $1,125.00

Brenda Touche (Adjustable Bed) $1,390.00

Charles Girard (Sensory Equipment) $1,044.88

Colton Halgrimson (Sensory Equipment) $1,000.00

Dennis Denault (Vehicle Repairs) $948.00

Everly Peterson (Medical Bills) $1,106.00

Georgia Toward (Stokke Tripp Trapp Highchair) $441.00

Grace Goebel (Communication Device) $310.00

Gwendolyn Young (Speech and Occupational Therapy Costs) $1,200.00

Herman Barta (Lift Chair) $1,348.00

Hillsboro Backpack Program (Meals for Underprivileged Children) $1,000.00

Jan Barta (Lift Chair) $1,748.00

Janelle Slama (Bed and Bed Frame) $1,000.00

Jimmy Westrom (Furniture) $750.00

Joe Fortman (Wheelchair Ramp) $2,500.00

Judy Baxter (Power Chair) $300.00

Kelly and Michelle Sehrt (Furnace) $1,200.00

Kwynlee Roquet (Sensory Equipment) $728.00

Linda Carpenter (Wheelchair Ramp) $1,691.00

Linda Reidhammer (Dental Work) $1,500.00

Linda King (Lift Chair) $813.00

Lois Nelson (Repair Hearing Aid) $450.00

Melinda Harder (Lift Chair) $1,200.00

Michelle Bialke (Dental Work) $2,500.00

Miranda DeGrave (Dental Work) $1,890.00

Ollie Leake (Speech and Occupational Therapy Costs) $2,000.00

Park Place Assisted Living (Exercise Equipment) $1,500.00

Patrice Zeal (Medical Equipment) $797.00

Ray Helgoe (Lift Chair) $790.00

Raymond Lenoir (Lightweight Power Chair) $829.37

Roman DeCoteau (OT/PT Therapy Costs) $2,000.00

Roxanne Wedwick (Dental Work) $2,500.00

Simon Knutson (Medical Equipment and Highchair) $782.00

Steven Ensrud (Sport Wheelchair) $255.00

Theodore Johnson (Medical Equipment) $300.00

Theresa Owlboy (Air Purifier) $150.00

Tom Severson (Lift Chair) $1,627.00

Tom Wiedmeier (Roof Repairs) $1,000.00

Wendy Hackett (Bed and Recliner) $650.00

Wyatt Martel (Therapeutic Outdoor Trampoline) $353.90

Altru Ambulance Service $125.00

Aneta Ambulance Service $125.00

Binford Ambulance Service $125.00

Cooperstown Ambulance Service $125.00

Drayton Ambulance Service $125.00

Emerado Ambulance Service $125.00

Finley Ambulance Service $125.00

Fordville Ambulance Service $125.00

Hillsboro Ambulance Service $125.00

Hoople Ambulance Service $125.00

Hope Ambulance Service $125.00

Lake Region Ambulance Service $125.00

Lakota Ambulance Service $125.00

Larimore Ambulance Service $125.00

McVille Ambulance Service $125.00

Michigan Ambulance Service $125.00

Northwood Ambulance Service $125.00

Park River Ambulance Service $125.00

Pembina Ambulance Service $125.00

Valley Ambulance & Rescue Squad $125.00

West Trail Ambulance Service $125.00

Cavalier HS After Prom Party $50.00

Central Valley HS After Prom Party $50.00

Dakota Prairie HS After Prom Party $50.00

Devils Lake HS After Prom Party $50.00

Drayton HS After Prom Party $50.00

Grafton HS After Prom Party $50.00

Grand Forks Central HS After Prom Party $50.00

Griggs County Central HS After Prom Party $50.00

Hatton-Northwood HS After Prom Party $50.00

Hope-Page HS After Prom Party $50.00

Lakota HS After Prom Party $50.00

Larimore HS After Prom Party $50.00

Minto HS After Prom Party $50.00

North Border HS After Prom Party $50.00

Park River HS After Prom Party $50.00

Red River HS After Prom Party $50.00

Thompson HS After Prom Party $50.00

Valley-Edinburg HS After Prom Party $50.00

2023 Total Donations $49,130.93