Why Do We Keep Asking For Your Phone Number?

Your phone number is an important tool when it comes to power outages. Having your correct phone number in our system helps identify your location when you call us to report a storm-related or accidental outage, and it also helps us proactively communicate with you when we have to temporarily shut off your power due to a system or equipment upgrade.

Planned outages
Occasionally, the equipment used to bring power to your home needs to be replaced, repaired or updated. When this happens, as a way to keep our crews and you safe, the cooperative will send an automated phone call, informing you when there will be a planned interruption to your electric service.

Unplanned outages
Mother Nature can send icy conditions or high winds, which topple tree branches onto power lines. Sometimes a contractor accidentally cuts into an underground cable or a vehicle crashes into a power pole. These are the times Nodak Electric depends on you reporting the outage. When you experience an unplanned loss of power, please call 701-746-4461 or 800-732-4373.