What Is Off-Peak?

An off-peak system consists of an electric heating source as its primary component. When Nodak Electric Cooperative has high demand, the electric heat will automatically turn off and a supplemental heating source will need to operate in its place.

Off-peak heating loads are generally controlled during the coldest months of the year when the demand for electricity is high. 

By enrolling in the program, the savings we get on demand charges are passed on to the participating Nodak Electric Cooperative members through the low off-peak electric rate, which is $0.062/kWh – approximately half of the regular retail rate. This rate is extremely competitive with petroleum fuels used for heating. 

Minnkota Power Cooperative, our wholesale power provider, tracks demand peaks and when control is needed, it sends a message via power lines that will reach you by your individually programmed ripple receiver at your home, farm or business and will automatically switch to the supplemental heat source.

There are many options for your off-peak heating installation, but the main requirement is a reliable backup system to ensure you have heat on the coldest days. If you are interested in off-peak, please contact our Energy Services Department at 701-746-4461. 

We want to continue to be able to offer this program for years to come. The way we will be doing that is yearly checks on our off-peak equipment to ensure it is working properly. We will be able to monitor them from the office, which may also require an in-home inspection of the equipment.