Treasurer’s Report

David Brag, Secretary/Treasurer

As treasurer for Nodak Electric Cooperative, and on behalf of all the directors and employees of Nodak, thank you for your patronage in 2020. Aside from weather variables, electricity is a commodity that lends itself to stable usage amongst our rate classes on an annual basis. However, with the pandemic occurring in 2020, we noted a shift in the rate class usage pattern. The General Service rate category became even more important to our finances during the year, offsetting the notable decrease in our Commercial and Industrial sales. Despite the challenges beyond our control, we ended the financial year with the ability to meet our financial goals and on the next page, you will note some of the highlights. If you would like more detail for the numbers presented, please do not hesitate to contact our office for assistance.

Total revenue for the 1.069 billion kWh sold was $100.4 million. Other operating revenue added $1.7 million for a total reported revenue of $102.1 million. Total expenses were $99.1 million, the largest expense being wholesale power costs at $83.2 million. Additionally, nonoperating margins added $2.1 million, with a total reported margin of $5.03 million for 2020. Once again, a capital credit retirement of $2 million was completed in April 2020, continuing a consistent retirement pattern by Nodak. Thank you again for your patronage and for allowing us to serve your electricity needs during the past year.