The Holidays Are A Prime Time For Scammers

The holidays are a prime time for scammers to wreak havoc at the happiest time of the year. Be diligent in knowing the scams and learning to identify and avoid them.

If you receive a suspicious call or email stating your electric service will be disconnected unless you provide a debit or credit card, hang up or avoid opening any email attachments, then contact Nodak Electric. After calling us directly to confirm we did not contact you, notify your local authorities.

If a Nodak Electric employee contacts you by phone, it is our policy to NEVER request confidential, personal financial information. When a member is asked to pay a delinquent bill, they are redirected to Nodak’s automated pay-by-phone system or asked to make a payment online using SmartHub. Chances are, anyone contacting members asking for a payment is not employed or authorized by the cooperative.

A member should never be surprised by a pending disconnection of electric service. Members will receive their regular bill showing a past due amount and a delinquent notice sent via the U.S. mail. Members also receive a phone call from Nodak Electric notifying them of a pending disconnection of service.

Have a happy and safe holiday season!