Thank You, Roger; District 2 Director Needed

Cooperatives operate according to a set of seven core principles. One of those principles is Democratic member control. What that means is that we are governed by policy-driven initiatives set by a board of directors made up of member-owners. Member participation in electing that board of directors, as well as serving on the board of directors, are key factors in ensuring the cooperative is operated according to the expectations of our member-owners.

In the coming weeks, members of District 2 have a unique opportunity to help your cooperative by serving on its board of directors. Longtime director Roger Diehl has retired from the board after dedicating 40-plus years of service to Nodak, leaving a vacancy on our board. According to our bylaws, the remaining board members must appoint a replacement to serve in director Diehl’s position until the next election in April 2017. Accordingly, the board is asking interested parties to let their interest be known.

Your board of directors fulfills many vital roles for the cooperative that can be both challenging yet rewarding. Not only are they the ultimate decision-makers when it comes to setting the direction of the cooperative, they are also the local connection to the cooperative membership. Board members represent our eyes and ears throughout our service area. They bring back member concerns and suggestions, provide a local neighbor for you to discuss cooperative business with and represent your interests at the board table.

In the coming years, the co-op board and management will face many challenges working to provide reliable service at affordable rates while navigating the onslaught of new regulations and a push toward a carbon-constrained world. Your cooperative can only be as strong as the people who actively participate in it, so your board of directors is looking for someone with a strong commitment and a desire to help Nodak through the challenges that lie ahead.

If you are a Nodak member residing in District 2, meet the qualifications to be a director and want to help shape Nodak’s future, please let us know. Send us a letter expressing your interest and explaining your unique abilities for serving as a Nodak director. For more information regarding the requirements and process for submitting your letter of interest, refer to the notice on page 2 or go to our website at

And finally, I want to express our heartfelt gratitude and thanks to director Diehl for his many years of service on our board and his unwavering support to Nodak Electric and cooperatives in general. He has been a zealous advocate for the betterment of our cooperative and his contributions to making Nodak what it is today will be a lasting legacy. Thank you, Roger.