Stay Safe This Harvest Season

As newer farming technologies emerge, causing machinery to get bigger, Nodak is noting more incidents of farming equipment striking poles or contacting overhead lines. This causes dangerous and costly collisions which can occur quickly on the farm.

Earlier this month, Minnkota Power Cooperative dispatched line personnel, along with a Nodak crew, when a large piece of equipment struck and toppled a transmission pole, causing a two-hour power outage to two substations that affected more than 2,000 members. “This is one of many outages Nodak seen just this year,” said Steve Breidenbach, Engineering Manager.

These accidents have caused significant damage to the electric system, and added cost in the thousands, he added.

Grain augers or lifted truck boxes exiting a field can become an excellent path to the ground should you fail to recognize the potential danger of a power line overhead.

  1. Consider any overhead line dangerous. Keep objects at least 10 feet away from power lines.
  2. Inspect your working areas for possible interference with overhead power lines.
  3. Don’t attempt to raise or move electric lines.
  4. Call 811 before digging where power lines are buried.
  5. Report potential power line hazards to Nodak immediately.

These dangerous accidents can be avoided by looking up or planning ahead when operating large farm machinery.

Thank you to all our local farmers for the essential work you do to feed our communities! 

Have a safe and bountiful harvest this season.