Application For Service

Please contact the Nodak Electric Cooperative office at 800–732-4373 or 701-746-4461 or email

Security Deposits

A security deposit is required of all service applicants, or members having had their service disconnected for non-payment. Deposits are due immediately to receive service and may be returned to the applicant/member upon receipt of 12 months continuous good credit with the Cooperative.

At the discretion of the Cooperative, a deposit may be waived.

Transfer Service To A New Location

Please contact the office at 800–732-4373 or 701-746-4461.

Terminating Service

Payments are due upon receipt. If it becomes necessary to disconnect a member’s/owner’s account due to non-payment, a written notice will be mailed to the member stating why and when the power will be disconnected in addition to instructions on how to avoid the impending disconnection. If an account becomes disconnected due to non- payment, a reconnection fee to restore service will be charged.

Service may be disconnected for reasons other than non-payment, including:

  • Violation of Nodak’s regulations
  • Failure to provide Nodak access to company equipment and/or property
  • Tampering with Nodak’s equipment
  • Conditions deemed hazardous to the members or the public
  • Repairs, emergency conditions and unavoidable interruptions in service supply

To disconnect your service voluntarily, whether you need to transfer to a new location or end your service altogether, please contact our member service team at 800-732-4373 or 701-746-4461.