Picture Yourself At A Co-Op

Did you know that cooperatives power 56% of our nation’s landmass, serving 42 million people in 48 states? Rural electric co-ops are the backbone of our economy, especially in states like North Dakota and Minnesota, where many consumers live in rural areas. Electricity is vital to enhancing our communities, small and large – and you can be a part of it with a career at a cooperative.

Not sure what you or your recently graduated student would do in the energy industry? The options are nearly endless! Electric co-ops offer diverse career tracks, both at your local distribution utility – Nodak Electric Cooperative – and at the regional co-ops that generate and transmit electricity, like Minnkota Power Cooperative.

Here is just a small segment of the opportunities:

Engineers – From electrical to civil to mechanical and beyond, co-ops need a wide array of these technical innovators.

Environmental Scientists – Co-ops take environmental stewardship to heart, and this team helps maintain the highest levels of land, water and air quality.

Lineworkers – Day or night, these height-defying heroes make sure power lines are well maintained and working properly.

Information Technology Specialists – Whether it’s PC networking, power system operating or cybersecurity monitoring, IT experts are vital to the electric industry.

Project Managers – Cooperatives have to juggle several projects at once to keep power flowing, so these planners make sure things stay on budget and on schedule.

Power Plant Technicians – These industry pros ensure the machinery of generating energy is running smoothly, safely and efficiently.

Member Services Representatives – If members have questions about their electricity, these are the friendly voices who guide them to savings and efficiency.

Electricians – You can’t have electricity without electricians, so these folks assemble all of the connections that get power from point A to point B.

Business Professionals (Human Resources, Accounting, Communications, etc.) – Cooperatives are filled with people who run numbers, write newsletters and hire new employees to round out the cooperative team.

A career with an electric co-op is rewarding in many ways. You get the satisfaction of knowing you’re part of a not-for-profit organization that prioritizes reliable member service. Plus, employees enjoy competitive salaries and benefit packages to ensure individuals and families are supported along the way. 

Consider a career at an electric cooperative. Visit careers.electric.coop