Notice Of Rescheduled Annual Meeting

To the members of Nodak Electric Cooperative, Inc.:

You are hereby notified that the Cooperative’s September board meeting will serve as the rescheduled 80th Annual Meeting in lieu of holding an in-person meeting of members this year due to COVID-19. To accommodate this change, business will be conducted as follows:

1. Reports:
Annual reports from Cooperative board chairman, Luther Meberg, and President & CEO, Mylo Einarson, will be made available via video at and on the Cooperative’s Facebook page in September.

2. Election of three directors:
Listed below are the candidates either nominated by petition or selected by the Committee on Nominations. The members of the Committee on Nominations are appointed by the board of directors.

District 1 | (one 3-year term) | Cheryl Osowski | Grafton

District 2 | (one 3-year term) | Peter Naastad | Hatton

District 3 | (one 3-year term) | Steven Smaaladen | Aneta

3. Approval of 79th Annual Meeting minutes:
Voting by Mail. For the election of directors and approval of the 79th Annual Meeting minutes, the board of directors has authorized the mailing of an absentee ballot to each member upon request. Since the election this year is uncontested, Nodak is asking members who are interested in voting to call the office at 701-746-4461 or 1-800-732-4373 to receive an absentee ballot. Canvassing of the election will be conducted by the election committee prior to Sept. 8, 2020.

The 79th Annual Meeting minutes, nonimating committee meeting minutes and affidavit of mailing are available online at here.

Attention corporate members

If you are a member corporation, cooperative, school, church or township (or other nonnatural person) of Nodak Electric Cooperative, Inc., and want to be represented at the members’ meeting(s), please request a Designation of Voting Representative form and one will be mailed to you. The form must be completed and signed by an authorized officer of the organization. This form must be completed annually.

In order for the member corporation, etc., to participate in business matters, this form must be received by the secretary of Nodak on or before the date of the members’ meeting(s). This form may be mailed with your ballot to Nodak.