How Much Are You Spending On Heating Each Month?

Consider Off-peak Electric Heating

Nodak Electric Cooperative member-owners can save money by allowing their electric heating system to be controlled during peak demand periods while using their backup heating system. The savings to Nodak during these control events is passed on to participating off-peak members through a lower electric heating rate. To qualify, an electric heating system must be coupled with an automatic, whole home backup heating system. A device is installed to control the electric heat remotely. The off-peak rate is offered during the heating season months of October through May. Contact us for more information at or by calling Member Services at 800-732-4373.

If during the heating season you experience a control event that seems excessively long or have no hot water, please be sure to give us a call at 800-732-4373 first to determine if further help is needed.

How does Nodak’s $0.062/kWh off-peak heating rate compare to alternative fuel sources?

Fuel Type

Furnace Efficiency

Fuel Price

Unit of Measure

Propane 95%





Natural Gas



ccf (for mcf x 10)



ccf (for mcf x 10)

Fuel Oil