Don’t Fall Victim To Utility Scams

Every day, millions of Americans are targeted by scammers through phone calls, emails, text messages, online or in person. Scammers’ tactics can change daily, which is why it’s important to stay alert and cautious.

Take control of the situation, if targeted:

Take your time
Utility scammers try to create a sense of urgency so that you’ll act fast and hand over personal information, especially over the phone. Take a moment to think about the situation before acting.

Be suspicious
Scammers typically request immediate payments through prepaid debit cardsor third-party apps. Unusual requests like this should raise red flags. Remember, if the request seems strange and out of the ordinary, you’re likely being targeted by a scammer.

Confirm before you act
If you’re contacted by someone claiming to represent Nodak Electric Cooperative or any other utility but you’re unsure, just hang up the phone and call Nodak Electric at 800-732-4373 to verify the situation.

Report it
Contact Nodak Electric Cooperative with information about the scam so we can alert other members on Facebook, etc.