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New Electric Water Heater Rebates

Enjoy reliable hot water and save money at the same time with Nodak Electric Cooperative’s electric water heating rebate program.

Water heating is one of the largest energy expenses in most households, making it a smart area to try to improve efficiency. New electric water heaters are among the most efficient and durable products in the market today. With great new incentives from your cooperative, it has never been more affordable to upgrade.

All rebate-qualifying water heaters must be on the off-peak program, which allows your water heater to draw electricity during times of low demand, such as late at night, when it’s less expensive. The water heater is temporarily turned off during high demand periods, both saving energy and money on your monthly bill. Participants in the off-peak program also receive a lower monthly rate for the electricity their water heater uses.

Electric Water Heaters
(must be on off-peak)
Incentive Per Unit
55 gallon or less $100
56-99 gallon $150
100 gallon or greater $200
Additional rebate for new building construction $100
Additional rebate for conversion from existing natural gas or propane $250

Rebate requirements:

  • Must be new purchased electric water heater installed on Nodak Electric’s system
  • Must be on off-peak/load control
  • Must be 240 volts and hard-wired
  • Tankless water heaters do not qualify for rebate
  • Hybrid heat pump water heaters do not qualify for rebate
  • Rebate limit of $500 per member-account
  • Maximum $300 rebate for coupling of two water heaters in parallel or series
  • Multifamily dwellings do not qualify for rebate; exceptions considered on case-by-case basis

Contact Nodak Electric Cooperative today to find out more about the water heater rebate program!

Electric Heating Rebates
  • $20/kW rebate for the installation of a qualifying electric heating system that is on off-peak
  • Air-source heat pump incentive is $100/ton – heating mode must be controlled on off-peak
  • Ground-source heat pump incentive is $200/ton – heating mode must be controlled on off-peak

Homeowners adding new off-peak heating systems qualify for these rebates.

  • Equipment must be new and off-peak systems must have a qualified backup.
  • Homeowner will receive a rebate check after a visit from a Nodak Electric technician.
  • Maximum incentive per off-peak meter is $600.

Contact our Energy Services Department for details at 701-746-4461 or 800-732-4373.