A New Bill Design Coming At You!

Your Nodak Electric bill will soon take on a new and improved look. A simplified layout will make your bill easier to understand, while electricity usage charts will give you more insight into how weather and habits contribute to your bill.

How to read your new electric bill:

1. Your account number, statement date and past due date are provided with a summary of existing charges.

2. This section will contain important information regarding your bill along with useful tips from Nodak Electric.

3. This section expands upon your service summary, including account details and a breakdown of your energy and demand charges. Additional charges or credits will appear in this section.

4. A history chart provides an easy way to compare how electricity was used from month to month and to the previous year with usage, temperature and cost averages.

5. Paying by U.S. mail? Be sure to include the bottom portion of your bill with the appropriate side facing out.