Power Interruption Checklist

In Case of Power Interruption 

While Nodak Electric Cooperative hopes you or your business never has to experience a power outage, the following information will help you cope with an outage if one should occur. Keep a power outage kit on hand, and make sure you, your family members, and employees know where your “power outage” kit is located. Kit items should include:

  • Nodak Electric Cooperative telephone number 701-746-4461 or 800-732-4373
  • Flashlight with fresh batteries
  • First Aid kit
  • Spare fuses
  • Portable radio with fresh batteries
  • If appliances such as medical necessity devices, computers and sump pumps are used, please consider a battery backup or standby generator for extended power interruptions.

Checklist of things to do when an outage occurs: 

  1. STAY AWAY FROM DOWNED POWER LINES and broken utility poles. Please note the location of the downed line or pole and call Nodak immediately. Even lines that look harmless can be dangerous.
  2. Check your breakers and the yard pole disconnect switch to determine if it has tripped off due to a power overload. If fuses or breakers are okay, call Nodak Electric Cooperative 701-746-4461 or 800-732-4373. A 24-hour dispatch service will answer your call after normal working hours.  If the lines are busy, please be patient.  Others may be calling to report outages.
  3. Check with your neighbors to determine if they are also without service. Even if your neighbors’ lights are on, don’t hesitate to call Nodak.
  4. Turn off all electrical major appliances that were on, especially air conditioners or electric heating. However, you will want to leave a light on so you will know when your power has been restored.
  5. Turn on your portable radio and listen for messages from Nodak Electric Co-op. This will occur only when there has been a major planned outage or catastrophic conditions.  Information will also be available on our Facebook page.
  6. Leave doors closed on refrigerators and freezers as much as possible during outages. Food will keep much longer if the doors are left closed.