Levelized Payment Plan

It is the policy of the Cooperative to offer a Levelized Payment Plan as a convenience to members who are receiving service under the General Service Rates to average their monthly payments throughout the year. Members who wish to participate in this plan must have their account current (paid in full) in order to be eligible for the plan.

The average monthly amount shall be determined by the previous 12 months’ usage history, plus any charges and credits identified to be included. The levelized payment amount may have an allowance for possible increased usage and/or rate changes. Any accounts receivable adjustments, penalties, or other charges will be billed in addition to the levelized amount.

Members failing to remit the required levelized payments will be dropped from the plan without notification, and the account balance will be payable in full. Members who wish to discontinue the plan will be required to remit any debit balance in full. Credit balances will be carried to the following month’s billing. No interest will be paid on credit balances.

The Cooperative reserves the right to refuse the Levelized Payment Plan to members based on their previous payment history.
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