Electrical Safety Tips


Caution, Powerlines Overhead!

Overhead power lines carry thousands of volts of electricity. Accidental contact with one of these wires may result in serious injury or death as well as equipment damage. Almost all of these accidents can be avoided with a greater awareness for overhead power lines and by incorporating safe electrical practices with your work or play. Always keep your tools, equipment, and yourself at least 10 feet from overhead power lines. Know the height of all equipment. Completely lower equipment before transporting.

Look Up When Planting Trees

To avoid power disruptions, blinking lights, maintenance costs and service calls, never plant trees near overhead power lines. Mature trees can be no less than 10 feet from the path under and near power lines. Call Nodak to have underground wires located. Tree roots can cause damage to underground wires. Nodak’s personnel need room to work safely on underground devices. Keep shrubs and structures 12 feet away from front side and three feet from other sides of the devices.

Call Before You Dig!

Many homes and businesses have a combination of underground utilities located in their yards, such as electricity, water, telephone, and cable TV. The locations of the utilities are very important when performing landscaping or digging in your yard. We will locate and mark the underground electrical lines at no charge. If an electric line is found damaged or if you damage it, clear the area and call the utility company immediately! Remember, call the one-call locate number number, before you dig! The number is 811. That’s it, just 811, before you dig.

Electrical Emergencies

Accidents involving electrical lines or wires require special precautions to prevent further injury. Until the power source has been turned off or removed, always consider an electrical wire or downed power line energized and maintain a safe distance from it. Do not touch anyone in contact with a downed power line. Call for emergency medical assistance and contact Nodak immediately.