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Nodak Billing Just Got Better.

Sign up for Electronic Billing from Nodak Electric Cooperative and you can make your payment online. It’s an easy way to take some of the work out of your life. Here’s why e-billing makes so much sense:

  • Convenient: You receive an email letting you know that your bill is ready each month instead of a bill in your mail box. ¬†You simply pay it over the internet.
  • Efficient: No more stamps or trips to the post office, no more wasted paper.
  • Reliable: You can even print a copy of your receipt each month if you’d like.

Plus, you can pay one of three ways: automatic withdrawal, via credit card (online) or via checking account (online). If you have questions or would like to sign up for Electronic Billing, contact Nodak Electric Cooperative at 701-746-4461 or 800-732-4373. You can email us at nodak@nodakelectric.com.